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Psoriasis and Liver Cleansing

Psoriasis is related to the liver. I knew this when after 20 years I began to turn my focus away from conventional therapies like medications and steroid creams and I focused solely on natural cleansing. After years of struggling with Psoriasis, I followed a strict cleansing diet and in a few weeks, I was clear.

It was at that time, I knew there was a remedy for skin diseases. Psoriasis has no cure, but to have clear skin for the first time in 20 years as a miracle to me me. What I learned after many years is that the skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. When we see a drain overflowing, we don’t try to put some cream on it or just plug it up, we get to the source of the blockage. The same is true of the skin. Putting creams on the skin cannot fix what is happening deep inside of the body. The blockage is occurring at the detox organs – the liver and the kidneys. It is interesting to learn that Psoriasis is related to Liver disease and immune system. So using topical steroid creams and medications may be one way to tone down the symptoms, but it will do nothing to address underperforming detox organs. So my thinking was, if I focus on boosting the detox organs then my skin should clear up and this is exactly what happened.

Over the years I came to realize the delicate balance between the liver and kidneys and the skin. The skin has many functions. The main one is it acts as a barrier to prevent bacteria and other toxins from getting into the body. The second function is the skin is a back-up detox organ. The body is so intelligent it knows it cannot get toxic. So when the primary detox organs are underperforming the back up detox organ – the skin must take over. We know that the liver is underperforming in people with Psoriasis because current scientific research shows that people with Psoriasis are predisposed to fatty liver disease. This means that our livers are already compromised which means, more than ever, we have to help it to recover if we want to clear Psoriasis. The worst the Psoriasis the worst the state of the detox organs.

So, in an effort to support my liver and kidneys I took very basic steps to detox and cleanse. First, I begin with hydration. Water helps to flush out toxins so the detox organs don’t have to work so hard. Second, I removed as many of the toxins, to which I was exposed, daily. I stopped chemicals from food by eating more organic and eating nothing out of a package, I stopped drinking alcohol and being around smoke. I exercised to encourage sweating as this also helps to get toxins out. The more we can prevent the toxins going in the more we alleviate the stress on the liver. Just doing these few steps, my skin began to show dramatic improvements. The more fresh fruit and vegetables I consumed the better and better I felt and the clearer my skin. My Psoriasis improved much faster with long term results using natural cleansing techniques, more than it ever did using other treatments and today I am 100% clear of Psoriasis.

What I discovered was that most conventional treatments for skin problems use creams and drugs natural processes in the body like the immune system; and inflammation. But long term these had disastrous effects on my skin and health. With cleansing and detox, I focused on the source of the problem rather than trying to just suppress symptoms. The suppression of natural systems in the body, does not alleviate the overloaded liver and kidneys, so they can never really help the skin heal completely. The skin is flared up because it is constantly battling an overflow of toxins from detox organs which are over-worked. Alcohol, smoking and medications overload the liver and 90% of people with Psoriasis are doing one or all 3 of these.

In addition to removal of toxins, it is necessary to take supplements which will boost the liver and have skin healing properties. I took fish oil which has EFA's, Milk thistle to boost my liver and greens powder supplement which has specific skin healing herbs like wheatgrass, moringa and turmeric. I also followed many of Dr. Axe's tips below.

Here are Dr. Axe's tips for cleansing the liver.


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