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Detoxing Could Clear Psoriasis

Psoriasis has long been a mysterious disease with no cure in sight. But research now shows that there is a link between Psoriasis and the liver. This leads me to believe that toxins and the build up and overloading of the liver and kidneys could be on of the reasons the skin gets affected. It makes sense since its becoming accepted that while Psoriasis manifests on the skin, it is not a problem with the skin itself. Rather the immune system is triggered and this leads to a series of reactions which then causes the skin outbreaks. So, it is possible that regular detoxes to keep the liver clean and remove toxins from the body preventing the overloading of detox organs could lead to healing.

In fact, many functional doctors believe that detoxing is mandatory for health and healing. So what is a detox? A detox is a series of actions which lead to changes in diet, lifestyle and stress management to aid the process of clearing toxins. Some of these changes include removing inflammatory foods, cutting out alcohol, drinking more water, cutting down medications and drugs, and increasing exercise and meditation. Most of these things are considered toxins.

Toxins are any substance that cause negative health effects. “Toxin” refers to all harmful chemicals in food and water, pesticides, medications, pollution, food additives, alcohol, negative emotions and bad bacteria. All research points to the source of Psoriasis as related to one of more of these toxins. Removing these toxins and cleansing the body is one of the greatest steps we can take to clear Psoriasis. They say that today, our bodies are handling 100 times the toxic load of even 100 years ago. This means that out detox organs need to be stringer than ever and they must withstand even more dangerous toxins that ever before. There is a direct correlation between the increase in environmental pollution and diseases like cancer and auto-immune. If we are battling more and more pollutants then people with Psoriasis, who already have a compromised immune system have an even more difficult task. If toxins overload the liver, the skin, which is considered the back up detox organ must spring into action and this is what is witnessed with Psoriasis outbreaks. Perhaps when we are stressed, these organs are under a significant amount of load which increases the risk of toxins getting into the blood through tiny holes in the digestive system, called “leaky gut”. Psoriasis has been found to be related to leaky gut and this has been found to be at the source of many auto-immune conditions.

Since we cannot hide in a bubble or walk around with a mask to prevent the inhaling and ingesting of toxins, the best way to deal with it is to strengthen the detox organs. This will alleviate the load on the liver and kidneys and help the skin’s healing process

Detox does not have to be complicated. Simple daily rituals can go along way to cleansing the body. First, what goes in must come out. So if food goes in no problem but has a hard time coming out, this is one of the ways in which the body gets overloaded with toxins. So Colon health is the first thing which must be addressed. How frequent are your bowel movements ? Are you having at least one a day. This is extremely important. Most doctors have confirmed that the majority of the population averages 1 bowel movement every 3 days. This means that when you eat and food passes through the body waste is sitting in your colon for days. This leads to increase in bad bacteria which then overrides good bacteria upsetting the flora balance in the digestive system which is why lately there is a push on taking Probiotics. But, no amount of probiotics to increase good bacteria will unclog a colon which is backed up. So the first part of detoxification is to ensure the colon is working optimally. You need to have at least one bowel movement a day. If this is not happening then you need to improve colon function. Drinking 3 liters of water a day and eating more fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables helps to strengthen the colon and keep things moving. The body has many organs working together to excrete toxins including the colon, lungs, liver kidneys and skin. If all of these organs are not working at a high level, then excretion of waste is not happening and this could leas to the build up of toxins.

The skin is one of the organs which helps to get rid of toxins. When you sweat, toxins are released via the skin, so since Psoriasis is related to the skin and toxins, detoxification could help this process. I believe in adding light exercise which allow sweating as well as utilization of steam rooms They can also help to draw out toxins. The skin works in conjunction with the liver and kidneys to get rid of waste. Toxins such as medications, chemicals in food and water have been found to build up in the liver and kidneys but thankfully the liver, which is the master detoxifier regenerates. So, it is possible to strengthen the liver so it keeps performing its job of removing toxins.

Best Ways To Detox Your Body

1. Eat organic

2. Exercise

3. Diet (80% fruit and vegetables )

4. Cut out Alcohol

5. Drink 3 liters of water a day

6. Ensure at least one bowel movement a day

7. Cut all smoking

8. Cut all flour sugar milk cheese and beef.


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