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Psoriasis On The Face

Psoriasis on the Face tends to be one of the more common forms of Psoriasis. Just like all forms it can be triggered by a variety of things.

The common triggers for Psoriasis are

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Medications

  • Infections

  • Obesity

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • Stress

  • Pollution

  • Chemicals

When Psoriasis is triggered it can affect many parts of the face - the forehead, crevices of the nose, the neck or cheeks. Psoriasis on the face can be very frustrating because it is not easily hidden. Often steroid creams prescribed for the body can cause it to contribute to spreading to the face.

When Psoriasis is on the face, it is important to be careful to use products which will not irritate the skin. Products like Cerave is often recommended by doctors, but there are also a variety of natural creams which can help. Wild naturals, Era Organics and Coconut oil

Though Psoriasis on the face may seem like a different type of Psoriasis it is similar to all other forms in that it is less about the skin and more related to what is happening inside the body. By addressing the main triggers like cutting smoking and alcohol and managing stress, it is possible to see definite changes on the face within a couple of weeks of a diet and lifestyle change. The face is also exposed which means getting a few minutes of sun exposure everyday may go a long way in replenishing vitamin D.

The book "Psoriasis Warrior" contains a detailed plan for dietary changes and lifestyle changes which may help to clear Psoriasis.


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