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Glutathione and Effects on Psoriasis

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body which means it is responsible for dealing with all the toxins and chemicals which get into the body and wreak havoc on our tissues and cells. Psoriasis is related to toxicity which is entering the body and overloading detox organs.

Glutathione has been named “The Miracle Molecule” by Dr Mark Hyman and it is considered to be the most important molecule necessary to protect the body against disease and aging. When toxins, chemicals and pollution get into the body they breakdown cells and cause oxidative stress. This alone has been at the center of many conditions - Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. Recently there are now many co-morbities related to Psoriasis which means people with Psoriasis have a very high chance of also developing one or more of these diseases. So if your body is not making enough Glutathione to combat the daily effects of toxins which is increasing in our environment, food and water then we become vulnerable. It is also quite possible that a lack of Glutathione could be contributing to Psoriasis.

There are many ways to raise Glutathione. First we can eat more foods which help to raise Glutathione naturally. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Beets, Cabbage and Parsley contribute to raising Glutathione levels. Some spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom also have been shown to raise GSH. Now this is provided the digestive system is working at high levels.

In the case of Psoriasis, the digestive system is affected by Leaky Gut, so it is possible this can prevent the ability to get all the Glutathione necessary to raise Glutathione levels high enough to combat toxicity, which is probably why Psoriasis continues to be affected. It could also explain why a variety of drugs stop working and no matter how much we change the diet, nothing seems to clear the outbreaks.

The second way to raise Glutathione is with the right supplement. For years Glutathione pills were sold and marketed as a way to raise Glutathione, however, research shows that most of the oral supplementation was ineffective because the pills are destroyed in the digestive system. Now, there is a new oral supplement available and it is in the form of liquid absorbed under the tongue. Dr Mac, a renowned physician from San Antonio, Texas, has shown from his own studies that Liquid Glutathione called NanoGlutathione can raise Glutathione and has been shown to be effective because the drops are absorbed under the tongue and it gets into the blood stream within 2 minutes of taking it which means it gets to the cells much faster. Many Psoriasis patients have taken this liquid Glutathione called Nano Glutathione and within 3 weeks they saw a huge difference in the skin as well as other factors like my energy increased, improved sleep and fat loss without an increase in exercise.

So it seems the best way for people with Psoriasis to ensure Glutathione levels are at their highest is to consume glutathione rich foods and take the liquid glutathione at home. Check out

For more information on liquid Glutathione visit NanoceuticalSolutions website


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