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Heal Leaky Gut and Psoriasis 2018

Heal leaky gut and your Psoriasis is likely to go away. This was my experience after 20 years of battling Psoriasis. I finally switched to many dietary changes and natural supplements which helped me to heal 100%. I believe that adequate protein is one of the most important parts of healing leaky gut and healing Psoriasis.

Protein has many benefits. It improves leaky gut and supports digestion and helps with joint health. It can also tone and tighten skin and also used in a healthy metabolism. Protein supplies the necessary amino acids of protein which are used to rebuild damaged tissues. Also if you have Psoriasis your digestive system could be compromised so you want to rebuild and absorb enough of the collagen from protein as possible. But, an under-performing digestive system could prevent you from getting enough amino acids which then means you need to supplement with it. But not all supplements work for Psoriasis and many that are fine for people without Psoriasis do not work for us when there are flare ups on the skin.

The main problem with protein powders are all the additives and synthetic chemicals. I had to search through hundreds but I finally found one which is non GMO, organic, dairy and gluten free and it has no synthetic additives at all. What I love about this

protein powder is that its all plant proteins so I don’t have to worry about hormones or toxins getting into my body. I have been using this protein powder for a year and its one of the supplements I used to clear my skin. I added it to my shakes with banana and ice sometimes a little almond butter for a treat. Below is Dr. Axe who mentions all the foods which are good for healing leaky gut. Protein, collagen and coconut are all extremely important which why I chose this protein powder. It has all these nutrients which Dr. Axe clearly says was necessary to heal leaky gut.

Protein is absolutely necessary to rebuild tissues like our intestines and skin. I do not believe you can repair leaky gut, which has been found to be the source of many auto-immune conditions including Psoriasis without protein. But, too much meat consumption and nuts can cause Psoriasis to flare up out of control. Here is Dr. Axe's list of foods that he recommends to heal leaky gut.


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