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How To Get Rid Of Psoriasis 2019

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

So you've been diagnosed with Psoriasis or struggling to deal with it over a few months or years. For most people with this Autoimmune condition, it can be a real daily struggle dealing with the pain, itching, flaking red skin, that just seems to look worst for no apparent reason. This was me for over 20 years, but I finally decided to focus on how to get rid of Psoriasis for good.

We all now there is no cure for Psoriasis but there are ways you can manage the symptoms or better yet, improve the look of the skin so it is clear.

I spent the last 15 years dedicated to researching every possible treatment, drug, herbal remedy and holistic therapies and the one thing they all had in common was they wold work for a short time-make the appearance of the skin better but after a few months it would flare up and spread. This baffled me for so many years. I would be doing so well, then out of the blue, it didn't matter if I was using medications, creams or injections Psoriasis would flare up out of control. So I began to get super micro-focused on the triggers. Now, we think that if we eat a food that triggers Psoriasis that it would cause the skin to flare up the next day or two days. So we all see a change and attribute it to what was happening that day or the day before. However, what I discovered is that this is not always the case. For example I have a glass of wine or some alcohol tonight, I may not see any changes for 3 weeks. But then I have tomatoes and I flare up the next day. So we immediately believe the trigger is the tomatoes. While this is entirely possible what I learned after years of systematic elimination diets is that more often than not, it was the wine which began the triggering process which result in the breakout 3 weeks later. That does not mean that the tomatoes did not contribute since tomatoes are known to be a nightshades. But The point is we did not realize that as far back as 3 weeks ago the wine had a major impact which could have been avoided.

How do I know this, I simply cut wine and alcohol and within 2 weeks my skin showed signs of improvement. I cut tomatoes, only and generally I see very little change. This is the type of elimination experimentation we must do daily to try to determine what are the triggers that affect us the most. So one of the best ways to get rid of Psoriasis is to spend time identifying what are your major trigger foods because regardless of what medications or treatments you use, removal of the trigger food will make a tremendous impact on the skin.

How do you do this ? Simple - food log. Log all foods and begin to keep track of everything -food drink and supplements you consume. Some supplements I feel were beneficial were vitamin d and fish oil. I took cod liver oil everyday today, thought I am completely clear.

Next, take pictures of your skin and examine them. You will see a marked difference in the appearance of your skin when your body is in stress. Examine pictures of your face as well. I notice that in periods leading up to full-blown flare up, I looked exhausted which probably meant I was also not sleeping the best. More times than not, Psoriasis is related to stress, lack of sleep and trigger foods make it worst. If we can identify all of these factors affecting the body we will get closer to get rid of Psoriasis for good or at least manage the symptoms long-term.


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