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Psoriasis and Diet- The connection

What's the connection between Psoriasis and Diet. Psoriasis has its source in the intestines with leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a condition which causes the intestines to become permeable. Think of a sieve. When you pour a solution through a sieve, particles will get through the holes leaving a sludge in sieve. Well, this is what happens when you eat food which is turned into a liquid chyme, it moves down through the stomach and into the intestines. It is here that some of it gets in through the holes in the intestines caused by leaky gut. If the food you ate is processed junk food with chemicals, toxins and bacteria in it, all of this gets into the blood. The intestinal lining is really meant to be a barrier to prevent these things from getting in but for people with Auto-immune gene and Psoriasis, they are susceptible to having leaky gut. The origin of leaky gut is unknown, because there is no cure for Psoriasis. But, knowing this connection between Psoriasis and Diet we can identify a few things can be done to help leaky gut. The easiest first step is to address what is going into the body through your diet. Are you consuming too many processed foods. Do you know what is in your foods. Labels on foods can provide direction to what is in the food so you can prevent chemicals and toxins, normally present in processed foods from getting into your body. Chemicals and Toxins which get into the body has been shown to affect people but its even worst for people with Psoriasis becuase it gets directly into the bloodstream. So, the best way to cut down on these toxins is to cut down on the amount that is going in. Following a Psoriasis Diet and cutting out these foods which are processed and contain chemicals and toxins and the production of bad bacteria is one of the best steps to reversing the main cause of Psoriasis. Psoriasis occurs on the skin, but the source of the problem is in the intestines. More and more people are reporting complete reversal of symptoms just by addressing the food consumed daily and following a Psoriasis diet.


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