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Psoriasis Begins With Inflammation

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Can everything from Food, Medicines and Toxins be wreaking havoc on your skin and contributing to Psoriasis.

Why do we have inflammation ?

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to getting hurt or injured or in pain. So when we fall or get cut inflammation can help us to heal. But where its bad is when it gets out of control. But what makes inflammation flare put of control ? Its mostly our diet. Sugar, trans fats, processed foods all promote inflammation. So the first step in getting rid of inflammation is to get rid of the inflammatory foods. Just for one week, get rid of sugar, processed food, junk food caffeine alcohol. But what else is important ?

But there is another factor that is important, its called hidden food sensitivities. They are delayed subtle and effects. These can include weight gain, skin outbreaks, fluid retention, brain fog, irritable bowel syndrome, mood disorders, eczema, headaches and much more. Why do we get it ? This is an unrecognized epidemic and most physicians and most practitioners ignore this type of allergy and yet its one of the biggest things that needs to be done. It’s the one thing that can make you feel better quickly and lose weight. So what affects one person, could be fine for others. There is an epidemic of diseases related to this. Auto-immune, allergic and asthma and all are connected by inflammation. Psoriasis is one disease directly related to inflammation and the immune system. So the question is why is out immune system acting this way ?

What we need to understand is a healthy body was not designed to act this way. So what has gone wrong, well it has to do with food. Food is not just energy. Food can be good being good nutrients that help us to build tissues and maintain health or it can be bad when its toxins and allergens. So when Is it really bad is when we have leaky gut. Increased intestinal permeability. Leaky gut basically causes things which should remain on the outside – like bacteria and toxins and dangerous chemicals gets in. The cause of the leaky gut is a damaged membrane in the intestinal tract. Which is caused by a bad diet – too much sugar, too much processed foods, toxins chemicals, drugs, antibiotics which kill all the healthy bacteria, acid blockers, hormones and stress. The lining breaks down and all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden all of these things which should have been kept away from the blood gets into your system and triggers the immune system. The immune system goes aaahhh and starts attacking these foreign molecules. But its really just food that you should have digested that is undigested and now floating around in the blood and that’s when you start getting sick and fat and it is this syndrome that triggers Psoriasis.

Psoriasis medications shut down inflammation, Psoriasis Diet gets to the root cause.

So, many medications treat the symptoms not the cause and so with Psoriasis the body is inflamed and the immune system is attacking itself. But the root cause is the leaky gut which was created by junk food, medications toxins etc. One interesting fact is that many auto-immune diseases and diseases involving allergies are purely in developed countries. The immune system is our defense against invaders. Auto-immune occurs when our own tissues get attacked. Our body is fighting something. For some reason it redirects its attack on us.

One thing which is interesting is that diseases to do with Toxins are on the rise. Cancer, Alzheimers as well as Auto-Immune disease are all related to toxicity. Could it be that there is a dramatic rise in toxins is at the source ? But our bodies were designed to protect us from toxins with a special molecule called Glutathione. If its deficient or not enough to protect us against toxins, we will have toxic attack which could lead to cancer and autoimmune.

Dr Hyman shares his research and information on inflammation and how it affects the digestive system


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