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Psoriasis Diet and Inflammation

Inflammation is the key to Psoriasis and after 20 years of suffering with Psoriasis and a variety of other skin conditions, the only relief I got was to follow a strict detox diet, removing all inflammatory foods along with addressing lifestyle factors like sleep and stress management.

The diet I created after years of trial and error and inspiration from Dr. Pagano and Autoimmune protocol involves these key things

1. Remove all toxins going into the body – alcohol, smoking and medications.

2. Increase hydration – flush detox organs and improve circulation

3. Remove all inflammatory foods – flour pasta sugar dairy and red meat.

4. Replace with whole foods that have good nutrients – fruits vegetables, chicken fish beans and complex carbs.

5. Go to sleep by 10PM and get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep

6. Add meditation, exercise yoga and fun for stress management

7. Leaky gut is made worst by bad bacteria – balance the gut bacteria with probiotics.

8. Increase Omega 3 fish oil – necessary for every cell in the body (Take fish oil supplement)

Psoriasis diet differs from AIP

While the science behind AIP is sound, I do not agree with re-introducing of food too early. In order to completely clear my skin, I followed the Psoriasis detox diet until my skin was clear.

PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO for a full copy of the diet I used to support the healing process and clear my Psoriasis.

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I am so humbly thankful to you for sharing. Thank God for you!

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