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Psoriasis Healing Story

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

The year was 2005 and I was about 90 percent clear, went on vacation for 3 days, returned and within a week my Psoriasis had flared out of control to cover my body.

I sat in my dermatologist's office and she was about to give me yet another cream, when suddenly i stood up and walked out. That was the day my real Psoriasis healing began.

It's hard when you are one of the only people you know with Psoriasis. Where would I turn ? What would I do. I began to read and learn just like we all do. Searching for anyone who had an answer but in the end I gained alot of knowledge about health and diet and healing but I was still covered. it was going to take the next step. The step that I feel is the most crucial. You stop reading and talking and you take action. You cut out this and cut out that and you wait impatiently to see a result. This was my life for the next 5 years, but, by 2017, I did it. I cleared my skin 100%. Now, I can live the normal life I never had for 20 years. Psoriasis was a tough journey. It could beat you down and take all of your focus but in the end, it is only when we take responsibility for our own Psoriasis healing, will we experience the transformation which is inside each one of us.

What I found was that cutting out foods was just the start. I also had to attend to hydration, stress management, sleeping and even deeper emotions. The first step is to alleviate the stress on the body. Drink 3 liters of water and go to bed at 930PM every night. This was 60% of the battle. Then I removed the known irritants - flour, pasta bread cakes cookies pies wraps cereals and crackers. Anything with an ingredient list on the package. I stuck to whole foods which were still in its natural form. Then comes the supplements. It's a fact that people with Psoriasis have a compromised digestive system so we wont be able to get all the nutrients we need out of food 100% percent of the time. So, I helped out and supported the healing process with supplements which were non-GMO, organic, no gluten dairy or nuts, all naturals skin healing nutrients. I put the greens powder in my smoothie daily and my Psoriasis healing sped up. The rest of my diet consist of small amounts of chicken and fish along with vegetables. All of this, I did strict for 8 weeks then one day - my skin healed completely. It was a 20 year Psoriasis battle but I won.


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