Psoriasis Detox Diet 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

What are the best foods for Psoriasis

The Psoriasis Detox Diet is becoming one of the best ways to support the healing of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects over 125 million people around the world. Up til 10 years ago the only hope for Psoriasis was to manage it with medications which would clear the skin up, only to result in multiple flare-ups. People with Psoriasis were left to try to live with a constant daily battle, never really experiencing long term relief. Today, more and more research is is emerging about the Psoriasis Detox Diet and the impact of food on the digestive system and more research suggests that Psoriasis begins in the gut and that following a Psoriasis detox diet could help with healing of the skin. So we want to explore the Psoriasis Detox Diet and what are the best foods for Psoriasis.

The Role of the Digestive System

The digestive system is where the connection between food and Psoriasis lies. Food affects the gut and sets off a series of reactions which eventually lead to an increase in inflammation. Also, a large part of our immune system lies in the gut so since Psoriasis is related to inflammation and the immune system, its reasonable to presume that food can affect it. Many diseases begin in the digestive system and Psoriasis has been shown to be affected by what happens in the intestines.

These theories have now been backed up with real life cases of thousands of people healing completely with dietary changes. While there is still no cure for Psoriasis and much of the medical community still do not believe that Psoriasis is related to diet, there are thousands of examples where diet seemed to transform health and help Psoriasis to heal. Many Psoriasis Warriors have demonstrated that eating processed junk food made their skin worst where changes in diet, seemed to help the skin to heal.

What are the best Foods For Psoriasis

So what are the best foods which can help to heal Psoriasis ? Since Psoriasis is affected by inflammation, foods which increase inflammation will most like cause Psoriasis to be worst. Foods which decrease inflammation are most likely to help the skin to heal. So, what are these foods which decrease inflammation ?


Fruit particularly those with antioxidants have been found to help Psoriasis. Psoriasis is correlated with the body becoming overloaded from toxins from what we consume. Toxins lead to more free radicals in the body which destroy health and increase inflammation. Foods like fresh fruit can provide the vitamins and minerals necessary to fight inflammation and provide nutrients to help the body to heal. Fruit helps the body to be more alkaline and acid alkaline balance is crucial to Psoriasis healing. Fruit is a big part of the Psoriasis Detox Diet.


Vegetables are some of the best sources of nutrients and can help to fight inflammation. Healing Psoriasis involves removing the toxins and providing as much nutrition as possible to help the skin to heal. The skin is made up of cells which when they multiply and create new cells our skin will heal. Cells rely on nutrients to create new healthy cells so when we are trying to heal Psoriasis we want to provide food which is organic whole foods which can provide all of the vitamins and minerals necessary. Psoriasis involves the skin multiplying at an accelerated rate, so skin cells are forming all the time. Once we rid our body of inflammation and the body can create new healthy skin cells, Psoriasis outbreaks begin to vanish and the skin heals to normal.

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