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This Fitness Model has Psoriasis But is 100% clear through Psoriasis Diet

I was tired of feeling like "the ugly duckling". I was tired of the stares and constant pointing recalls Marisa, Psoriasis Warrior. I endured over 20 years of full body outbreaks. I spent most of my life hiding under layers and layers of clothing.

I tried everything to try to clear my skin. I did exactly as my dermatologist told me. For years, six of them handed me medication after medication. Each time, the outbreaks spread and they bled, were itchy and uncomfortable and I left a trail of flakes wherever I went. The worst part of this disease is I could not follow through on any career path. I began in chemical engineering, I was top of my class an A+ student, 4.0 GPA. I was accepted into the school of my choice but realized at the end that I could not be around chemicals as Psoriasis was strongly related to toxicity and if I was exposed daily to chemicals of any sort it would make, the Psoriasis much worst. No one can understand what I was going through when everyone around me, my parents, friends, and classmates thought that I was a missfit, or I gad ADD. They thought I could not settle down in a profession because I was failure and a dropout. But this was not the case. I had a secret hidden under my clothes and I dreaded the moment anyone noticed the outbreaks on my skin.

Psoriasis affected my whole life - school, career, relationships and even daily life. The emotional toll led me to eating out of control and locking myself in my room, for days. Then after years of depression and hopelessness I made the decision to educate myself. I studied Naturopathy and natural healing. Completed two full years of the diploma program. From this, I began to get to the source of the problem. Drugs, creams and steroids had side effects and made my skin worst so I got off all. Then, I realized from my own mini experiments that Psoriasis responded to changes in diet. Different foods seemed to impact the redness and spreading. But every time I discussed it with my doctors, they all said the same thing - there is no cure for Psoriasis and no scientific evidence that diet will make any change at all to the disease. Later, I would realize, they were not wrong, but just because studies had not been done, did not make it irrelevant. I clung to the hope that diet could be the key and I continued to make changes and observe the healing. Fast forward and 10 years later I am completely clear from following a strict diet and taking supplements. I understood 2 things- Psoriasis was an autoimmune condition for which there was no cure and all medications and treatment options were aimed at reducing inflammation and suppressing the immune system. From all of my education and knowledge gathered, I knew that this was not the path to long-term healing. The only way to clear the skin long-term was to get to the source of the problem. Why is the immune system in overdrive ? Why is there an over production of inflammation ? Just stopping these normal reactions in the body, as drugs and medications seem to do, is not the answer. I knew I had to get to the source of the problem. Evidence from autoimmune research seemed to point to leaky gut, as the source of the problem. This made sense because of the changes I witinessed, in my skin after changing my diet. The theory is that Psoriasis is linked to leaky gut which causes the intestines to become permeable allowing food particles, bacteria and chemicals to get into the blood circulate and trigger the immune system. Since the digestive system has patches of cells called Peyers patches which are a very large part of our main immune system and nervous system, it is logical that Psoriasis could be made worst by leaky gut. There is also evidence that people with Psoriasis have a higher incidence of fatty liver disease which suggest that the liver is already compromised which explained why consumption of alcohol had been shown to make Psoriasis worst. The minute I cut out all alcohol and removed sources of smoke in addition to making changes in diet and taking more supplements, my skin began to dramatically change. I can thank the Psoriasis diet I created for clearing my skin 100%. Today, I have new opportunities presented to me everyday - from modeling assignments, speaking engagements and i help thousands of people around the world to get off drugs and medications and clear their Psoriasis naturally. One of the best supplements that I add to my smoothies in the morning is this greens powder. I chose this supplement to add the nutrients I needed to support the skin while it healed. It did the trick. I am 100% clear and I still use it daily as part of my normal breakfast.


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