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UK woman clears Psoriasis in 8 weeks with dietary changes and supplements

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition which affects the skin with thick, raised scaly patches. Cami as she is known on Facebook, had Psoriasis, tried all sorts of steroid creams only to have her skin flare up over and over. Finally in January 2018, she stopped the steroid creams and by February her skin had flared up and Psoriasis spread to cover 70% of her body. She was at her wits end like so many others. She decided to follow a strict diet, the 80/20 rule - she stuck to 80% fruits and vegetables 20% chicken and fish. She drank 3 liters of water and hoped that the Psoriasis Diet would start to work. By End of April 2018, she noticed her skin clearing up and by 3rd week of May, her skin was completely clear. She also attributes her fast clearing to sticking to the diet and taking some natural supplements like cod liver oil, vit D, turmeric, and milk thistle. She credits this experience with Psoriasis with helping to take care of her health and improve her health. Though she knows that Psoriasis has no cure, having clear skin 2.5 months later has been a miracle. She is happy to help other people suffering with Psoriasis. Today, more and more cases of people experiencing complete relief from Psoriasis symptoms with natural remedies is growing exponentially. Many functional doctors agree that getting to the source of the problem is crucial to improving diseases like Psoriasis. Psoriasis is related to inflammation and many of the foods and drinks we consume are processed and increase inflammation. By removing these inflammatory foods and drinks for at least 8 weeks gives the body a chance to heal. The best way to start to heal naturally from the inside out is first increase water to at least 3 liters. Once you do this, cut flour sugar dairy and replace with fruits and vegetables - as many as you can to fill you up. Add chicken and fish to steamed or raw vegetables and stick to a sprinkling of good carbs like sweet potato, squash or brown rice. The idea is to consume unprocessed whole foods which retain its nutrients. There is no cure for Psoriasis but supporting the healing process with good wholesome food will go a long way to helping the skin to heal.

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Devjani Mistri
Devjani Mistri
Oct 26, 2018

send me the diet for psoriasis

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