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UV Light Treatment and Psoriasis

Everyday there is a new "miracle cream", medication, lotion or potion which is being promoted as the cure for Psoriasis. If you suffer with Psoriasis you know that there is no cure for Psoriasis and most of the current treatments seem to work short-term. So it was no surprise that when UV light made it into the Psoriasis world, I was skeptical. Could exposure to a couple of rays actually work ? So, I set out to investigate.

The results are fascinating. If you have Psoriasis you know that when you go to the beach or you are on vacation, somehow, the Psoriasis patches on the skin which were itchy, dry and flaky all winter, seem to magically begin to disappear. It seems that the more exposure to sunlight we get the better the skin seems. Well, research has uncovered the reason that the sun seems to have these effects on Psoriasis and it has to do with the UV rays.

Light therapy occurs when Psoriasis is exposed to UV or ultraviolet light. This is usually done at your doctor's office or with a doctor approved home unit. There are two types of UVB light treatment- broadband which uses many wavelengths and narrow band which concentrates on the Psoriasis patches using only those wavelengths found to be the most effective for Psoriasis. Often treatment will start with very small doses and increases slowly to ensure the skin can handle it. Booths are generally used in Doctor's offices where your entire body is exposed where as home units are smaller and allow you to concentrate on just the areas affected. Many have reported a significant improvement in about 30 sessions and even better to clear in 40+ sessions. So this makes using a home UVB unit very cost-effective.

What is most beneficial about UVB treatment is that it has shown to be effective in the improvement of Psoriasis outbreaks with minimal side effects. So you can still be monitored by your doctor but you can have treatment at home when its convenient without all the usual flare-ups of pharmaceutical drugs. UVB has been found to be more effective in improvement of Psoriasis over UVA or (PUVA) which requires the use of medications called Psoralens to work with it. UVB is just light and similar to when the sun hits the skin, UV light is non-invasive and safer than lasers. There are multiple companies on the market but Clarify Medical is a US based company with an FDA approved light therapy unit for home which has an App which takes progress pictures and times the amount of light treatment you are receiving so you and your doctor can monitor your healing.

Visit to learn more about this remarkable new home light therapy device.


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